Predictive Analytics – Capstone Project

The company is going to launch 10 new stores. The capstone project has three main tasks: determine store format for existing stores, store format for new stores, and forecast produce sales for the existing stores and the new stores. The methodology involve segmentation and clustering, non-binary classification model, and time series forecasting. Tools used in this project are Alteryx and Tableau.

What I Learned from Tableau Conference #Data23

Tableau Conference 2023 was held in Las Vegas from 5/9/23 - 5/11/23. I was so excited joining the conference this year after the pandemic. A lot of great features have been released or will be released soon. You may catch the highlights from Tableau Conference 2023 on Salesforce+.

Predictive Analytics – Project 4: Predicting Default Risk (Creditworthiness)

Topic: Classification Model | Tool: Alteryx Step 1: Business and Data Understanding What decisions need to be made? A small bank which typically get 200 loan applications per week and approved by hand suddenly received nearly 500 loan applications due to a financial scandal that hit a competitive bank last week. As a loan officer,  …

Predictive Analytics – Project 3: Create an Analytical Dataset

Topic: Data Wrangling | Tool: Alteryx The Business Problem: Pawdicity is a pet store chain in Wyoming with 13 stores throughout the state. This year, Pawdacity is going to open the 14th store. Your manager asked you to perform an analysis to recommend the city for Pawdacity's nearest store based on the predicted yearly sales. …

Predictive Analytics – Project 2: Predicting Catalog Demand

Topic: Predicting Catalog Demand | Tool: Alteryx Description: The project is to predict how much money the company can expect to earn from sending out a catalog to new customers. Need to build a linear regression model and apply the result to the mail-order catalog business problem. Step 1: Business and Data Understanding What decisions …